Consulting Services Strategy

PID has a consulting arm that provides technical assistance and research services for donor organizations; private sector firms, as well as other types of organizations. As in our nonprofit program activities, our consulting services are based on collaboration with the African Diaspora so we can counter “brain drain” in Africa with “brain gain.”

In each consulting assignment PID undertakes, we bring together African Diaspora experts for short-term assignments to partner with local private sector consulting firms so that as we provide consulting services, we are also training local experts who will be available to continue to support our clients once the Diaspora experts have ended their assignment. In every subject matter where we provide consulting services, we will be involving local experts so that we are building additional local capacity that can continue to support our clients in the long run. This means there is a parallel training of trainers program taking place during every consulting assignment.

Areas of Specialization
  • Preparation of Qualitative/Quantitative Research Studies
  • Project Design/ Management (Including participatory approaches)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (Including participatory approaches)
  • Capacity Building/Knowledge Transfer Programs
  • Information Communications Technologies (ICT)
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Recruitment and Staff Management Support